Your Comprehensive Guide To Finding Local Treasures
And Flipping Them To A Global Audience For Huge Profits

Never before in history has it been easier to find local treasures that can be flipped to an eager and waiting global audience. This course shows you exactly how this simple business model works. With a little bit of effort and training you could easily have a 6-figure business very quickly using these simple proven strategies.

This video training course is designed to show you all of the opportunities hiding in plain sight all around you. As sellers of physical products online for the past 20 years, we have explored, taught and used just about every inventory sourcing technique out there.

Going to China, finding a supplier or manufacturer, and importing containers of product is not the only way to make profits selling physical products online. Going local can be just as profitable — and often much more profitable because yard sales, thrift stores, auctions, and local-buying lists offer items so cheap.

Local Treasure Flipped For Huge Profits

Sled Driver

  • Source: Estate Sale
  • Price: $6.00
  • Condition: Used
  • Time To Sell: 6 Months
  • Sale Price: $450.00

35MM Theatrical Film

  • Source: Connection
    (from passing out biz card)
  • Price: $25.00
  • Condition: Used
  • Time To Sell: 5 Months
  • Sale Price: $700.00

Included In The Video Training

  • An overview of the "buy local" concept – the opportunity and why we love it
  • One of the most overlooked, highest profit categories: book selling
  • How to find and work yard sales and estate sales
  • The right way to source at auctions
  • One of the hottest markets – buying and selling vinyl records
  • Making profits using retail arbitrage
  • The exact power tools we use to make our business more efficient and profitable
  • Exactly what to look for when attending yard sales, estate sales, and auctions
  • Which platforms to use to flip your products the quickest and make the most profits
  • Advanced strategies for building relationships and negotiating the best deals time and time again
  • How to get the phone ringing so your inventory finds you
  • BONUS: How to build a team to do it all for you if you aren't the "shopping" type!

Local Treasure Flipped For Huge Profits

Sharkbite Bay Play Set

  • Source: Garage Sale
  • Price: $4.00
  • Condition: New In Box
  • Time To Sell: 1 Month
  • Sale Price: $92.75

Lava Lamp

  • Source: Auction
  • Price: $3.00
  • Condition: Used
  • Time To Sell: 3 Months
  • Sale Price: $95.00

This course is for everyone: from newbies to advanced sellers
with over 9.5 hours of video training from Nathan and Jeff with a combined 30+ years experience in sourcing local treasures and flipping them for massive profits.

The "buy local" sourcing model is very low risk, low overhead and can be scaled with a team of buyers. Besides that, it's FUN! It's a great family activity. Then there's the thrill in hunting for treasure and finding that one item you know will sell for 500-1000% of what you paid.

Meet The Creators Of The Buy Local Course

Jeff and Nathan have over 30 years of combined online selling experience, which they share with you in this course!

Nathan Bailey has been selling on eBay since 1997 and Amazon since 2007. He has done business consulting and coaching for the last 20 years for master marketers and has worked full time for Jim Cockrum since 2002. Over the years he has established his reputation as a leader in the field and a guy that makes things happen and has a strong passion for the mission of helping real people get real results online.

Jeff Clark is the Head Sourcer at The Sourcer's Apprentice, where he encourages fellow sourcers and teaches his sourcing techniques, and one of our great coaches at

Jeff started his online selling career in 2006 and has built a one man, six-figure business selling on Amazon, eBay and Craigslist. Over the years he has sold a wide variety of products from a box of empty toilet paper tubes to a video teaching how to tie shoes to heavy construction equipment and even real estate! Jeff is a home-schooling dad of seven and lives in rural northern Indiana.

In spite of having launched multiple income streams online and selling tens of millions of dollars of products in the last few years, the highest-margin items we have ever sold online to this day include the finds from local sources. You'll be hard-pressed to ever beat the margins you'll find by sourcing local treasures like the ones we'll show you how to find.

Although we are now part of a community with thousands of full-time, internet-based entrepreneurs, the fact remains that the vast majority of us started out with this highly profitable business model and many of us continue to use this strategy to this day. I'm proud to say that my team continues to use these strategies on a regular basis even as I pursue other online income strategies.

– Jim Cockrum




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